Before going on holidays it's important to ensure you’re prepared – and not just with swimmers and sunscreen.

By putting in some planning now, you can ensure you have everything you need related to your or your child’s hearing technology, so that you can sit back and enjoy your time.

Spare Parts Checklist

  • Rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Disposable batteries
  • Spare cable/s
  • Spare ear hook/s
  • Wireless accessories and chargers (e.g. Mini Microphone)
  • Microphone protectors
  • Dri-Briks
  • Spare coil
  • Remote control
  • Make sure your spare processor is functional (if applicable)

Sometimes things go wrong, and your implant could stop working. Below are a few common scenarios to help you troubleshoot. The websites for CochlearAdvanced Bionics and MED-EL are also a good source for further information about specific devices.

Baby With Cochlear Implants Sitting On Beach
  • Check your batteries are not moist and are in correct position. If this doesn’t work, replace the battery or battery pack.
  • If your processor, coil or cable isn’t working, try using your spare (if you have one).
  • Check the volume settings are correct.
  • Replace microphone cover as it may contain moisture, dirt or dust.
  • Check if you have accidentally activated the telecoil.
  • If you are near electromagnetic fields, this can occasionally cause humming; try listening in a different location.
  • Remember to switch your processor off when walking through metal detectors and anti-theft systems.
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