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It was a spell of sudden dizziness and a constant ringing in her ears that left Kirsty Condon searching for relief.

“My doctor recommended a few tests for me, one of which was for my hearing,” recalled Kirsty, looking for answers while juggling full-time work and a busy household.

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My family had also been telling me that something was wrong, as I kept turning the volume up on the TV and often asked them to repeat their sentences.”

A hearing test at Hear and Say confirmed her family’s increasing suspicions that Kirsty had a hearing loss.

Fortunately, the ringing in her ears – known as tinnitus, a common sign of deteriorating hearing – was able to be supported with the use of hearing aids. This is a solution that Hear and Say Audiologist, Julie Decker said many people weren’t aware of.

“You will typically experience tinnitus at the pitch of your hearing loss. For most people when we support the hearing loss with amplification through aids, you are then hearing more sounds in your environment – and you can receive some relief from the tinnitus,” said Julie.

The hearing aids Kirsty was fitted with also included modifiable tinnitus-masking technology, which Kirsty said had already had a huge difference for her quality of life.

“My tinnitus has pretty much gone, and my mood and crankiness has faded as I’m no longer struggling to hear people over the constant ringing in my ears,” said Kirsty.

“Hearing keeps me socially connected to my family and the world. I enjoy the clarity of hearing the sounds of nature which brings me greater relaxation, and the joy of hearing my children more clearly is priceless.

“I also love the inbuilt Bluetooth technology, and the music and sounds I can stream to help mask my tinnitus whenever I want it.”

Although she still felt there was a stigma around people wearing hearing technology, particularly for younger people in their 50s like herself, Kirsty said that her experience at Hear and Say had played an important role in helping her to transition to life with her new accessories.

“I am now a convert to the advanced technology of new-age hearing aids – mine are tiny! Listen to your family when they tell you that there is something wrong with your hearing, and don’t be a victim of the stigma attached to wearing hearing aids.”

There are lots of strategies to help manage and reduce the impact tinnitus has on your life.

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