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Consider hearing first

A child’s speech and hearing can change over time gradually. It’s important to keep an eye on their hearing even if they’ve passed hearing tests such as the newborn hearing screen. Hear and Say’s qualified audiologists specialise in paediatric hearing and can undertake hearing tests for babies, toddlers, children and adults alongside recommendations suited to each individual.

Boy Having Ear Examined By Hearing Screener
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Qualified Speech Pathologist Townsville

Hear and Say has a unique set up offering both hearing and speech pathology services for all ages. Book an appointment with our qualified speech pathologist Townsville for a speech and language assessment. This will assess their ability to pick up sounds across the speech frequencies together with information about the development of their language skills. It will also show if they’re vocabulary is appropriate to their age and whether further therapy or referral may be required.

Common signs of speech delays

For children who may be having speech or language delays there are a few key signs to look out for as it can be tricky to know if a child is taking a bit longer to hit a milestone or whether they’ve having difficulties communicating. Below are signs of speech and spoken language delays for a child in their first two years:

  • Not using single words by 15 months old

  • Not using two word phrases by two years old

  • Finds it hard to follow instructions

  • Struggles to form sentences or leaving words out of sentences

  • They have trouble articulating or understanding what is being said to them, even at a basic level

  • Their speech is not clear or hard to understand

Child In Speech Therapy Appointment

Our Speech Pathology Services

At Hear and Say we support both children diagnosed with hearing loss as well as children who do not have a hearing loss and may be having speech and language delays or difficulties, including:

  • Not talking or late talkers

  • Middle ear issues or concerns

  • A delay in their speech (clarity or articulation)

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Speech therapy for kids

Our paediatric speech pathologists will undertake a speech and language assessment before starting speech pathology with children. This will use a series of tests to give them a complete picture of a child’s developmental level, any communication difficulties, look at whether they’re vocabulary is appropriate for their age.

Group speech therapy

Our group speech therapy or group social skills workshops teach babies, children, teens and young adults to overcome common challenges that may be experienced in day-to-day activities such as going to work, school, university or even socially.

Mum And Child Cutting With Scissors Play
Women At Computer On Telehealth Appointment With Child

Online and telehealth

Hear and Say’s offers online speech therapy for children of any age, no matter where they live. Speech pathology lessons and some assessments with a speech pathologist can be done through telehealth. Families can even choose to have a combination of online speech therapy and in-centre appointments.

The Hear and Say approach to speech therapy

Hear and Say's unique approach to speech pathology teaches children to learn to speak through listening.

With our therapy we train families and other people in a child's life with strategies suited to their age to ensure they know what to do and can carry them over to their everyday life. From interactive play to reading books to singing songs all of the services are individualised for each child and their family so they reach their potential.

Visit our Townsville speech pathology clinic - in four easy steps


Your individual situation will determine your referral pathway to Hear and Say. If your child is born with hearing loss, you’ll likely be referred for early intervention via your Family Support Facilitator. Whereas if your child is having possible speech and language difficulties you may be referred through your GP or even teacher. Referring yourself is also an option by giving us a call.

Speech Pathologist With Child


Level 2 Building 500, Clinical Practice Building, 1 James Cook Drive, JCU Douglas Campus, Townsville Qld 4811 PO Box 190, James Cook University, Townsville Qld 4811

P 07 3850 2111
F 07 3366 1803

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

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To book speech pathology you can request an appointment online or phone our friendly team.


Before you come in for your appointment, our team will email you a link to a form to fill out with background information to help your speech pathologist in your appointment.

Your first session

All of our appointments are tailored to each individual and their needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our team.

We're here to help

Book a speech and language assessment or online speech therapy appointment for your baby, toddler or child. We have online speech therapy appointments as well as a number of hearing clinics in Queensland.

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Speech Therapy FAQs

Speech therapy at Hear and Say starts with a speech and language assessment so we have a picture of where a child’s developmental and communication level. Our team of speech pathologists work with children to develop their speech through listening which closely follows a child’s natural developmental progression across listening, language, speech, literacy, cognition and social skills.

Speech pathologists are university qualified allied health professionals who can work with and help people who may be having difficulties with communication including speaking, listening, language, reading and more.

No, you don’t need a referral for speech therapy. If you wish to get some Medicare rebates you can get a Team Care Plan or a GP Management Plan, alternatively, if you have private health funds you might be eligible for a rebate using your extras cover.

To get speech therapy for your child you can request an appointment online or give our team a phone call to book an appointment at a location near you.

The cost of speech therapy ranges and is largely dependent on the number of sessions required as well as the length of these sessions.

Speech therapy is not completely covered by Medicare however you can get a Team Care Plan or a GP Management Plan. Another option may be NDIS funding for a speech therapist.

The effectiveness of speech therapy depends on whether the strategies undertaken in lessons are carried out to an everyday environment such as at home. Our team of qualified speech therapists work in parallel with families to ensure they feel comfortable practicing their individually tailored activities at home.

Each speech therapy session will typically run for between 30 and 40 minutes. These appointments are typically undertaken on a regular basis and formed around the goals determined from a child’s speech and language assessment.

There isn’t a specific age or time where a child should commence speech therapy and it will depend on the type of delay or communication difficulty they may be having. If you have a concern, a speech and language assessment as early as possible is a great start to early identification.

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