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For many people, the idea of losing our hearing is something that is difficult to acknowledge. But, just like all other medical issues, it is very important to get yourself checked out in order to give you peace of mind and the best solution to the problem, as well as gain a better quality of life.

See One of Our Experienced Audiologists on the Sunshine Coast

The first stage in determining the severity of your hearing loss is to book an appointment with an experienced audiologist.

At Hear and Say, our friendly audiologists have the experience to conduct hearing tests on babies, children, and adults. Once we’ve welcomed you in, you’ll be given expert hearing advice, undergo totally painless tests using the latest equipment, and find out what your options are following the outcome of your examination.

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Our Sunshine Coast Location

60 Windsor Road, Nambour Qld 4560

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Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm

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How Do You Know it's Time to See an Audiologist for Your Hearing?

There are many different signs that you may need to see an audiologist, including:

  • Increased difficulty in understanding or hearing when others are speaking.
  • Straining to hear in busy locations, such as restaurants, shopping centres, and grocery stores.
  • Difficulty following a conversation.
  • Having to ask people to repeat what they said numerous times.
  • Inability to determine where certain sounds are coming from.
  • Tinnitus (a buzzing, hissing, or high-pitched ringing in the ears).
  • Have your television or radio turned up to loud volumes.

It is highly recommended that you book an appointment with one of our Sunshine Coast-based audiologists if you've noticed any of the signs above.

Our Audiology Services on the Sunshine Coast

We offer a range of audiology and hearing services at Hear and Say, including hearing tests and hearing aids, using cutting-edge technology to assess your hearing health and provide you with accurate results.

Our local hearing experts are qualified to provide you with the following services:

Adult Hearing Tests

Unlike some other clinics, we conduct a full diagnostic hearing test for adults that doesn't only identify the nature and severity of your hearing loss but also tests for other issues. These include acoustic reflexes, pure tone audiometry, and tympanometry.

We also test for speech discrimination, which identifies your ability to understand what other people are saying at certain noise levels.

Hearing Screening

A more basic test, a hearing screening is a quick exam to see if your hearing levels are within the normal range. This is often used initially to determine if further examination is needed.

Cochlear Implant Candidacy Assessments

For those that need them, a cochlear implant evaluation will be conducted. This will include audiology, speech, and language assessments as well as a comprehensive medical. The outcome of this exam will determine if you are a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant.

Experts in hearing for children and adults

Hearing Aids

Our hearing aid test service is designed to look at whether a hearing aid or cochlear implant would be the better solution for your needs. Soft sounds will be played across a variety of pitches, and once assessed, you’ll be given all of the information you need to decide which hearing device is best for you.

What Happens at a Hearing Aid Fitting?

We understand that you may be anxious ahead of your hearing aid fitting, but there's no need to worry. As soon as you arrive at the Hear and Say hearing aid clinic, we'll do everything within our power to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the process of your fitting.

You'll be given our recommendations and advice on which hearing aid would be best for you, including information on premium hearing aid technology, and as we aren't connected to any particular hearing aid manufacturer, you know that you'll be given trusted, honest opinions.

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How Can I Book a Hearing Test on the Sunshine Coast?

Booking a hearing test at Hear and Say on the Sunshine Coast is super easy. Simply click here to contact us online, or if you prefer, give us a call, and one of our friendly team members will help you book your appointment.

Our team will also contact you ahead of your arrival by email with a link to fill out some background information that will help us provide the best possible hearing services for your individual needs.

Hearing test FAQs

Diagnostic hearing tests take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete and will involve a series of non-invasive tests that look at your hearing health and help us provide the most accurate results.

The cost of a hearing test ranges depending on the type of test, as well as the age of the person being tested. At Hear and Say, we always ensure we’re offering the most affordable prices in line with your personal goals and needs.

No, you do not need a GP referral for a hearing test. However, if you do have a referral, you’ll be able to claim part of the cost back from Medicare.

You can get part of the cost of your hearing test covered by Medicare as long as you have a referral from your GP.

“Getting my hearing back to as near normal as possible through the use of my new hearing aids has highlighted how the gradual loss of my hearing was denying me the pleasure of enjoying so many experiences in life.”

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