For children born deaf or hard of hearing, every day without sound limits their potential. The early years are crucial, to give children the best opportunity to grow up learning to listen and speak just like their siblings and peers.

You have the opportunity to make this a reality, with a gift in your Will – a lasting and positive change for babies born now, and for generations to come.

Together, we can open worlds to create better futures, and ensure the best outcomes for people with hearing loss through the latest technology, early identification and intervention, and world-class research and innovation.

“Supporting a family to help their child to communicate is an incredibly powerful, lifelong gift. By helping a child to listen and speak, you will be giving them the precious opportunity to be involved in their community and achieve whatever dreams they set their mind to.”

– Dr Dimity Dornan AO, Founder of Hear and Say

How do I leave a legacy?

A gift in your Will, also known as a bequest, is one of the most important documents you will prepare during your lifetime. It is a planned current or future donation you make to a charity when you decide to include them in your Will. It is a decision that an individual makes, with their loved ones and values at the fore, in their financial planning process.
A gift in Will varies from person to person – depending on your wishes, it may be a percentage or share of your estate, a sum of money, property, shares, or even your entire estate.

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Why leave a gift in your Will?

When founding Hear and Say in 1992, Dr Dimity Dornan AO had a vision to help all babies born deaf to hear, listen and speak. From these humble beginnings with just six children, our team of world-leading professionals now delivers vital audiology, speech and language services to thousands of families.

Changing the lives of babies born deaf or hard of hearing

By including Hear and Say in your Will, you’re playing a vital role in providing long-term funding to ensure Hear and Say is here to support babies and children into the future.

Leaving a footprint

Know you have contributed something special and will be remembered gratefully by those whose lives you touched.

Your gift will support the life-long journey children with hearing loss through:

  • Early diagnosis to ensure they have the best chance to meet key milestones
  • Early intervention teaching them to hear, listen and speak
  • Ongoing audiology services to fine tune their hearing technology and ensure it is delivering the best sound to their brains
  • Support life-changing research into clinical management improvements

It’s never too late to make or change your Will. 

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Professional development and parenting webinars are available any time; from the benefits of music, to mealtimes for fussy eaters, explore the wide range of topics.

2020-21 Annual Report

Read about the 300 babies born with hearing loss in Australia each year, and how Hear and Say continued to change lives this year.

Changing lives, together

Your gift will help deliver critical services, so babies born deaf can hear their parents say, “I love you.”

Changing Lives Together

2022 is our 30th birthday and we're inviting you to be part of our story by participating in our Giving Day.

Spotlight on single-sided deafness

“This research project is very exciting because it helps to show that children who receive a cochlear implant for single-sided deafness saw significant improvements in their day-to-day hearing abilities, which are maintained over time."

Cycling and hearing loss: staying safe on the roads

“People kept mentioning to me that I was missing parts of conversations, and in crowded environments I was finding it very difficult to hear and engage with others."

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